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~ CocoVino: The Best & Friendliest Wine Shop in Southern California! ~




We offer a vast selection of wines from all over the world as well as chocolates, cheeses, beers, and sake. Additionally, we have an incredible art collection ranging from oils and acrylics to wine labels collected from bottles dating back to 1860. They can also be framed at your request to make them personalized gifts for friends and family.

We offer an extremely unique experience where we combine our incredible wine, cheese, chocolate, beer, and charcuterie selection with world-class wine service that listens and offers the best advice that fits exactly what our clients are looking for. Whether they be a novice or beginners and wine or a discriminating connoisseur looking for rare and collectible bottles. We have learned in our combined 40 years experience in selling wine that we have the same motivation in selling the most expensive bottle as we do crafting a wine experience for our customers that they will cherish and build a relationship with CocoVino for the future.


whether you’re looking for a BonBon or a bar of chocolate from East Africa or a gift box with wine pairings we definitely have your back here. From milk chocolate to savory and bitter we have it all


Coco Vino LA is also an art gallery with a curator. Whether you’re looking for an abstract piece, or a framed wine label from a famous Chateau in France or Villa in Italy, or just an acrylic of a Los Angeles dodger we have them on our walls!


our unique collection of beers will fit any occasion from a sporting event to a tasting of beers around the globe. If you’re looking for a Belgian Triple or local IPAs from Glendora or LA County you’ve landed in the right place!


If you are a cheese lover and we are the stop for you. We can pair your cheeses with wines or just recommend cheeses that fit your flavor profile. Our cheeses come from all over the world as well as local creamery‘s that fit our standards. 


We source our meats from local butchers as well as international. For the international we place an emphasis on Spain and Italy.


we have a very unique lineup of sake that consist of seasonal and available sakes. Whether you’re looking for a Ginjo or a Nigori our experts will be able to guide you in the right direction.


We offer several classes of varying degrees of expertise that consist of wine, beer, cheese, and sake. These classes will be offered to the general public as well as our wine club members. These classes will be conducted by our resident Sommeliers as well as winemakers and brewers with products that we carry.


Whether you’re looking for a simple wine opener or the latest wine preservation mechanism, we carry gift bags as well as wine literature and gift baskets and boxes that you can customize or purchase off the shelf.



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